Human Rights in Islam

Islam treats every human being with dignity and honor. All men are equal and substantially the same; there is no distinction or difference among them on account of nationality, color or race. Islam presents and protects human rights. In Islam the life and property of all humans is scared, whether a person is Muslim or not.  Islam has laid down universal and fundamental rights for humanity as a whole, which are to be observed and respected under all circumstances.  These basic rights are associated with Islamic faith and belief because they are divinely ordained.  Thus, human rights in Islam are religious obligations, meaning that it is obligatory for every Muslim to protect them and restore them if they are violated. Islamic code of law applies to all human. Legal penalties and judgments for doing wrong are applicable to all races and classes of men. No human has privilege of acquiring favor under any circumstance. Islam is against the abuse of power and oppression and commands people to resist it where necessary. The immutable rights a person is subjected to in Islamic society include security of life and property, protection of honor, sanctity and security of private life, security of personnel freedom, protect against tyranny, freedom of expression etc. In Islam the human rights have been conferred by Allah the Almighty, there is no power or legislation in the world that could amend these rights. No one can impede from following them or withdraw them. If human beings sincerely make the effort to sanction, practice and propagate the rights, guidance, wisdom and values bestowed upon them, and then society would continue to evolve and benefit from the boundless generosity which Almighty Allah has placed at our disposal.


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