Sunnah: Practices of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) [2]

The sunnah of wearing shoes

The Prophet said: (if you want to wear your shoes, start with the right foot and if you want to take it off, start with the left. or you should either wear them both at the same time, or take them both off.) [Muslim].

The sunnah of the entering and leaving home

  • To recite the dua before entering the home. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “when a man mention allah while entering his house and when he eats, the devil says to his mates (there is no food or shelter for this night for you) ” [imam muslim].
  • To greet those that are in the house with ” Assalaamu Alaikum “. Even though it may be your own house. Allah says: “so when you enter houses, salute one another (literally: salute yourselves) with a greeting from the providence of Allah, blessed and good”. (an noor :61) 
  •  To announce ones arrival by coughing, greeting, etc.

The sunnah of going to masjid

  • Leaving home early to go to the masjid to stand in front row. The Prophet (PBUH) said: ” if people know how much they could benefit from “al athan” (prayer call) and being among those standing in the first row in their prayers, they would even poll or gamble for it if there is no other way. and if they know how much bounty they get in arriving early to the mosque, they would compete for it.  and if they know much beneficence  in al fajr(dawn)  and al ‘eshaa(night) prayers they would even go creeping”  (agreed upon as a correct narrative)
  • Walking with solemnity. The Prophet (PBUH) said: ”when you hear the call for the prayers; walk to your prayers quietly with solemnity …”[al bukhari and imam muslim]
  • Going to the masjid on foot. Scholars assured that it is a sunnah to shorten your steps swiftly to get more merits out of the number of steps. 
  • Entering the masjid with the right leg and existing with the right. Anas ibn malek (may Allah be pleased with him) said : ” it is sunnah to enter the masjid with your right leg and exit with your left leg” [imam muslim’s]

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