Sunnah: Practices of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) [3]

Using Maswakh

Muslims are advised to do maswakh several times a day just like Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad said, “Were it not for avoiding inflicting difficulties on my nation; I would have ordered them to use maswakh upon the performance of each prayer.” The Muslim should use maswakh at these times:

-Upon performing the five prayers, the regular Sunnah prayers.

– Upon entering the house, because the first thing performed by the Prophet when he enters his house is using the maswakh, as narrated by Aisha. [Saheeh Muslim] 

-Upon reading the holy Quran, for changing the smell of the mouth.

– Upon waking up.

– Upon making ablution (wudhou’). Prophet Muhammad said, “The maswakh cleans the mouth and causes the pleasure of Allah the almighty” [Ahmad]



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