Truths to be remembered while in Depression [1]

Depression is characterized by hopelessness, loss of meaning to life, self worthlessness and feeling of sadness overpowering every other good emotion. Depression mostly occurs when one is not able to do what they want. It’s a complete sense of loss of free will and control. Islam is a complete code of life. It has cures for tiny to mega issues. So if a problem is looked at through Islamic perspective it will be seen entirely in a new light. By embracing several truths a depressed person can bring light into the gloomy life.

–          Allah never burdens a soul more than they can bear: The Quran teaches “(God) will never place a burden on a soul that it cannot bear”. This ayah is livings prove of the fact that Allah has never nor ever will place a burden on person more than his power to bear it. So if a person complains that Allah is cruel and is making him/her face difficulties that he cannot handle then that should avoid such negative thoughts and have faith in Allah that he would lead them through it.

–          After every hardship there is relief: The Quran teaches, “There is ease after hardship, Indeed there is ease after hardship”. Life passes through different phases of difficulties. Difficulties of many shapes and sizes come on after another. However, it is important to know that with every difficult/hardship there is ease and relief as the Quran says. The Quran teaches, “The morning light after the stillness of darkness”….when its dark everything seems still as if it will never go away. The fact is nothing remains forever and nothing remains the same. So, after every time of difficulty there is ease.

 –          Control and Choice:  Depression is a complete sense of loss of freedom and control. It is a state of helplessness. A depressed person tries to control the situation but when they cannot it makes them further depressed and annoyed. Therefore it is necessary to embrace the fact that lack of control over a situations lacks. This is the best time to turn to God, even if you don’t believe in him or have stopped believing in his existence recently. Pray to him, talk to him about your problems, tell him only he can control the situation and to do so for you. Cry and groan but do call on him. Say, “All admiration belongs to you, if good comes to me it’s from you, and if some trouble comes to me it’s from you, I submit to you, and this situation to you.”Comfort reaches the heart by doing this. Secondly take a look at the situation. Life is all about choices; a choice is like putting a seed in the ground that may bear fruit. You put the seed, and the unseen forces bring the rain. Work on what you can do, you can sow the seed, you can make the right choices, and you can start to work in a direction that you want to move in.


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