Truths to be remembered while in Depression [2]


–         Suffering Purifies humanness: When in difficult time such as facing financial losses, death of a loved one, never ending line of bad lucks etc brings out our humanness in us and begin to ask basic questions about our existence and purpose of life such as: Why are we here?”, “What is the purpose of life”, “why me”, “What happened to all my plans and dreams, etc. We learn the frailty of our humanness. Human body cherishes food similarly ease and happiness are welcomed by the body whereas hardships and difficulties are disliked. But such difficulties help us to grow as humans, to find and deal with our human frailness. And our human frailness helps us to find our inner most nature. Our inner reflection of situation determines our spirituality and our emotional maturity.

–         Present is a Gift: The past goes forever and there is nothing in our human power to change it. Future is unseen and too worry about is entirely useless. Hence present is all that is left. Life time is constantly running and only doing something in the present is the best way to utilize it. . One of the great scholars of Islam said, “There is only one day separating me and the Kings. As for the yesterday, their taste of it has vanished, and both they and I equally fear what tomorrow will bring. Thus, there is only today. What will today bring?”

–         Change is Spontaneous: Nothing stays the same. Everything is constantly changing like the atoms, air, water; human inventions etc nothing can stay unchanged. Everything is in flux, this means those who are happy become sad, the healthy become weak and ill, hardship become relief and vice versa. So when a person is facing a difficulty then he/she should keep in mind that your situation is going to improve rapidly or slowly but it will do so. It’s never going to stay forever. Just have Faith in Allah.

–         Lower your expectations: Expectations should be kept at minimum. One should not define their goals to such a level that it becomes complex to reach them, ultimately resulting in depression and aggressiveness. Expectations hurt so stop expecting.

Belief and Faith the first and last stand: As long as one believes in a loving Allah, one has a reason to be optimistic. Belief can give the ability to handle all sorts of difficult situations. It can give a person the ability to see the positive in the overwhelmingly negative situation. We all need a something to keep us focused and keep us going, we all need something that bring clarity to our world, all need to hold on to something for support. If there is a God, and there is, there is nothing stronger then the knowledge you can hold on to him to help you cope with your situation


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