Good and Bad Times

It’s human nature to get stricken by grief one way or the other. On a more personnel level, many of us get grieved either by failures of life, losing a loved one, financial downturn, cheated by friends and family etc. On a large scale war, famine and suffering of our fellow human beings and many horrific stories in despair hit us and sorrows us. The question that often arises when facing grief and sorrow is why does God has to choose me among many people on the earth?. This question is the stumbling block of our faith and belief in God. For a weak faith it simply leads to disbelieve in God altogether and forever.

Good and bad times are both part of human life. Good days mostly make a person forget his creator and thank Him for his blessings and gifts. But when afflicted with suffering they start criticizing God. The Quran gives the example of a ship: when the ship is smooth sailing, then the occupants do not remember God, but when the wind threatens to capsize the ship, suddenly the occupants of the ship begin praying sincerely to God.  The Quran says:

“Your Lord is He that makes the ship go smoothly through the sea for you that you may seek of His Grace, for He is Most Merciful to you.  When distress seizes you at sea, you cry to nobody save Him (God), but when He brings you back safely to the land, you turn away (from Him).  Most ungrateful is man!” [Quran 17:66-67]

This is a day-to-day example of our daily lives. It’s the human intellect that how it interprets and copes with disastrous situations. His attitude and behavior towards the situation determines the height of suffering. A positive attitude towards a problem can solve many issues. Sometimes a suffering may not be as bad as we have made it to look like and prosperity may not be good. Allah says in the Quran:

 “But it may happen that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you.  And God knows and you do not know!” (Quran 2:216)

This is human nature that we forget Allah in good times and remember him in time of distress and solitude. When there are good times a person (Muslim mostly) should thank Allah over and over again and to pray to Him to keep safe from awful time. It’s said time and tide waits for none so what you have today wouldn’t last tomorrow. There’s nothing you can do about it but what you can actually do is seek Allah’s grace and forgiveness. Remember Him all the times and keep in mind the world is constantly changing. In conclusion, we see that Allah causes bad things to happen to good people, in order that a greater good come to them in the long run.


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