Criteria for kufr

There is a criterion that categorizes a person as kaafir if twelve beliefs or actions are found within him. A Muslim should be well aware of them so that you might not delude yourself into thinking that you are a Muslim while in reality you come under the category of kaafir.  

To deny Allah’s Oneness, Divinity or the right to worship Him [Qur’aan 4:48 & 116, 5:72, 39:2-3, 51:56].  Declining the message of any messenger of Allah or to claim there is another prophet yet to come after the last prophet Muhammad (saw) ) [Qur’aan 6:93, 6:21, 7:37, 11:18-19, 18:15, 29:68, 33:40, 39:32, 61:8]

To deny in Allah’s attributes or names or to associate them to a living being. To belief that He is not above any creation.  [Qur’aan 4:48, 6:18 & 61, 10:3, 68 – 69, 20:5, 35:10, 42:11, 72:26 – 27, Ch. 112]

Supplicate other than Allah or setting up intermediaries between oneself and Allah. Having more trust in a human than in the power of Allah. Going to shrines, asking the dead for help, bowing before graves, or offering them gifts or scarifies is all shirk [Qur’aan 2:165 & 255, 5:72, 30:52, 39:44].  All of this is against tawheed because Allah doesn’t like anyone to be included with Him.

To curse, abuse the Name of Allah, to deny or to revile Him or any of His Messengers or Prophets or Angels. [Qur’aan 2:285, 4:136, 6:10, 57:19] 

To reject or stop acting on fard duty of Shariah or turning away from religious duty.

To deem or to make permissible (halaal) what is clearly forbidden (haraam)  [Qur’aan 2:102, 174-176,4:69, 6:157] 

To deny or reject any chapter, verse, or letter from the Book of Allah (Al-Qur’aan) or to purposely give it deviant .

To openly show disdain, scorn, contempt for, or treat with levity the Deen of Islam or it’s tenets, obligatory injunctions or it’s traditions

To disbelieve in the Resurrection, Punishment, or Goodly reward on the Day of Reckoning [Qur’aan , 56:1-2, 67:8-10, 69] 

 To say that the Righteous (Awliyaa’) are above the Prophets (‘alaihimus salaam)

 To rule or judge by other than that which Allah revealed.

 To support or aid the polytheists (mushrikoon) against the Muslims. [3:28. 118, 4:51, 5:57] 


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