Definition of Kufr

Muslims knowledge about faith (Tawheed) must also comprise about kufr. Kufr means that a person denies the belief of Allah’s existence, dominion, and authority or to denote people who cover up or hide realities. In short its opposite to faith (Imaan). A non-believer person is called Kaafir as he/she commits kufr. The word kufr is not only for the non-believers but also to denote those. Imaan requires accepting everything and all the necessities of religion that Allah and His Prophet have thought. To reject any necessity is kufr. Necessities like believing in Oneness of Allah, His angels, His revealed books, His prophets, the Day of Judgment and in Destiny. These beliefs should be accepted without doubt and hesitation. Now a kaafir would not believe in any of these but if a Muslim also denies any one of them then he is committing kufr. There are ayahs in Quran that tell about the characteristics of kaafir.

Those who say “Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary” have become disbelievers. But the Messiah said, “O children of Israel worship Allah, who is my Lord and your Lord. Know that whoever ascribes partners to Allah, Allah forbids Paradise to him. His abode is the Fire, and there are no helpers for the unjust.” [Al-Ma’idah 72]

Those who deny Our aayaat are disbelievers. They are the dwellers of Hell; they will remain therein eternally.) [Al-Baqarah 39] (All non-Muslims are disbelievers because they deny Qur’anic verses.

The above two ayah clearly show that associating someone with Allah as a son is clear sign of kufr. Allah prohibits ascribing partners to Him but whoever does that willingly would not enter paradise and would burn in the fire of hell. Denying in the ayahs i.e. the holy Quran itself is also kufr and such people would dwell in the fire of hell forever. Hence a Muslim should avoid kufr because he/she may commit it not knowingly and for the nonbelievers one can only pray that Allah shows them the right path. 


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