Azan-A Call for Salah


Azan is a call for prayers at appointed times during the day with prescribed words. It’s a call to Muslim to prostrate in front of Allah leaving the world behind. It’s a call towards victory and glory. Such call is Sunnah and is must for Congregational prayers. Originally there was no concept of azan in Mecca because the non-believers did not allow the Muslims to pray in congregation. But after the migration the thought for azan arouse in Prophets Muhammad mind.  Hazrat Bilal, the Negro Muslim, held the honored position of being the first Muezzin of Islam.

Delivery of Azan

Azan is delivered by a muezzin standing in a lofty or prominent place is loud clear voice easily audible to the people. The face should be towards Kaaba with both hands raised to the ears. The following words are said in order in times of two or four.

–         Allah Akbar. —. Allah is the Greatest. (Repeat four times.)

–           Ashhado an la ilaha illa-’l-Lah.—. I bear witness that nothing deserves to be worshipped but Allah. (Repeated twice.)

–         Ashhado anna Muhammada ’r—Rasula ’l Lah.–. I bear witness that Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah.

–         Hayya ’ala ’ s-Sala.–. Come to pry. (Repeated twice, turning to the right side.)

–         Hayya ala ’l-Falah.–. Come to success. (Repeated twice, turning to the right side.)

–         Allaho Akbar.–. Allah is the Greatest. (Repeated twice)

–         La ilaha illa ’ l-Lah.–. There is no God but Allah. (Once.)

Significance of Azan

Azan has great significance. It’s not merely a call to salat rather it is an appeal to the Muslims to turn towards Allah and follow the lead of His messenger Muhammad (saw) and take part in the spiritual feast for the progress of human mind, body soul. It’s a grand message to the people about the timings of salat and its performance. It’s a message from Allah to His beloved people to come running towards him and glory. Humans run towards achievements and development but they forget in their race is that azan is call for this purpose and salah gives us everything. Islam declares Allah to be the Greatest and the only One to be worshipped. It is that calling which makes no distinction in its invitation to prayers and throws open the door of the mosque to every son of Adam, irrespective of caste, creed, color or country.


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