Failure and Success: A short-lived emotion

“In order that you may not be sad over matters that you fail to get, nor rejoice because of that which has been given to you…” (Qur’an 57:23).


Life has ups and downs. One day you might get up and everything will be in your favor while the next day nothing might go right. Being happy and grievous about our achievements is only temporary. We understand the reality that happiness is temporary but what we cannot get in our minds is that sadness, grief etc over our failures is short-lived too. The above ayah clearly portrays this concept. Failure and success matter but what doesn’t matter is the period over which they last. Both are a short-lived emotion. Failure is just start; a person should be disheartened to such an extent that he/she quits a task just because it does not complete. Worldly matters should be handled with deliberation and thoughtfulness. You might fail in them one day and become sad but the next day you might succeed. All you need is infinite faith in Allah.


The other thing the ayah points out is that not too become over excited or happy in an achievement. Success like failure is also short lived too. In short a person should balance his/her life accordingly. Just keep the above ayah in mind: don’t be sad over matters that you fail to get nor rejoice so much over a success.    


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