The Best of Planners: Allah the Almighty

And (remember) when the disbelievers plotted against you to imprison you, or to kill you, or to expel you (from your home, Makkah); they were plotting and Allah too was plotting; and Allah is the best of plotters. [Surah Al-Anfal: 30]

This ayat (infact the whole Surah Al-Anfal) was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw) after he had migrated from Makkah to Madina. In this ayat Allah had reminded the Prophet about the times when the Makkahans were plotting against him and Allah had protected him with his excellent planning, for Allah is the best of plotters or planners.

 Let us now reflect on the other half of the ayat which articulates that inspite of the planning of the any being Allah is the best planner. In our daily lives we plan about many things. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. Failure upsets human nature and it’s against his nature to believe the fact that they have failed in a task, mission etc. It’s so unbearable to accept our failures is because we have spent endless time in planning out the success, making a road map to destination, struggling through thick and thin and visionising glory. Its utter disappoint in the end after so much planning and plotting. But now look at what Allah has to say about it. When we plot or plan about something, Allah is also planning with us. Allah knows everything; He knows what’s good and bad for us. A certain thing may seem favorable and good to us while in reality it might not be so. Only Allah knows best and only that occurs which he allows happening. A leaf cannot fall from a tree without his permission then how can something happen according to our will, how much ever we plot for its happening. Allah loves to see us struggle because He has a reward for it. He would give us only that which is beneficial to us, maybe not in the shape that we want but definitely give us. So among all the planning and pain just remember Allah is also planning and it will happen according to Him.           


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