Benefits of Barley


Barley Seeds

Hazrat Aisha (RA) once narrated that, “whenever someone fell ill in the house of God’s Messenger (PBUH), he kept a pot of barley soup cooking on the fire until the patient passed through one of the two confines,” [meaning recovery or death]. He would ask them to eat from the soup.

He (PBUH) also used to say, “Feed your patient the soup of barley, for it enlivens and refreshes the hearts of the sick, dispels their anguish, sorrow and distress, and it washes their stomachs clean, just as one of you washes her face of dirt.”

Ummul Manzar states that the Prophet (SAWS) along with Ali came to our house, we had the dates and those were presented to

them. Both of them ate from those dates. When Ali (RA) consumed a little of those, the Prophet (saws) said, “You recently recovered from illness, hence you are weak, hence don’t eat more. Therefore, that lady prepared a dish from barley and beet root. Then, the Prophet (SAWS) told Ali “eat from it, it is better for you”. [Ibn-e-Maja, Sanad-e-Ahmed, Tirmizi]

Barley is mentioned in about 250 ahadith which showed that it was used as an important nutrition in Islamic history. Here are the benefits of barley:

  • Illness tends to dry up one’s body, particularly the stomach due to lack of food. Barley broth helps to moisten this dryness and flush away unnecessary accumulations or toxins related to illness. It soothes the body, comes to its defense, reduces tension, balances the different types of liquids and gasses in the body, lifts the spirit and helps the patient regain his/her poise.
  • Barley broth is one of the most nutritive and high protein soupsin existence.
  • It is beneficial in cough, roughness of throat and pharyngitis.
  • It resolves the inflammation of the stomach (Gastritis), expels the toxins from the body and a good diuretic.
  • It quenches the thirst.
  • Barley water is a good remedy in kidney problem.
  • It helps increase the excretion of urine and other body wastes by regulating intestinal functions.

Beef Barley Soup


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