Benefits of Black Seeds (Nigella Sativa)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has mentioned therapeutic efficacy and potential of cure in the black seeds (kalonji).

Hazrat Abu Huraiarah States – “I have heard from Rasool Allah (PBUH) that there is cure for every disease in black seeds except death and black seeds are shooneez.”

Kalonji is helpful in the treatment of the following dieses:

  • Helpful in Asthma
    Half teaspoonful, if boiled in water and taken, is helpful in Asthma and diffuses the toxic effects of Bee and Wasps.
  • Paralysis
    It is useful in Paralysis, Facial Palsy, Migraine, Amnesia and Palpitation
  • Promotes lactation
    Black seed oil increases the milk output of breastfeeding mothers
  • Diabetes 
    Highly effective in Diabetes Mellitus, Vitiligo and other Skin ailments.
  • Jaundice
    It is effective in Jaundice if taken with milk.
  • Gums and Teeth
    Kalonji seeds are boiled in vinegar and this solution is applied on Gums and Teeth, it removes the Inflammation of the gums and relieves the pain also.
  • Anti-histamine activity
    Associated with conditions such as bronchial asthma
  • Anti-tumor principles
    The possible use of black seed in the treatment of cancer.
  • Anti-bacterial
    The oil of the seeds is also effective in Earache.
  • Anti-inflammatory
    Useful for relieving the effects of arthritis
  • Used in Skin disorders
  • Immune System Strengthening

Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin, Black Seeds)


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