Prohibition of Envy


Allah, the Exalted, says:

“Or do they envy men (Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers) for       what Allah has given them of His Bounty?” (4:54)

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet       (PBUH) said, “Beware of envy because envy consumes (destroys)     the virtues just as the fire consumes the firewood,” or he said               “grass.”

In Islam hasad (envy, jealousy) is a heart disease that destroys a person as well as his good deeds. It is the worst and most destructive emotion a human can have towards other fellow human beings. It is mostly caused when we see someone superior to us in a certain quality such as spiritual, moral merits, or good and pious deeds, or outward factors such as honor, prestige and wealth. There are many evil effects of envy that lead to additional vices hypocrisy, backbiting, slandering, abuse, taunting, and torturing, all of which are grave sins. Hence one sin leads to another. When evil resides within the heart then it becomes a gloomy and shadowy place and this affects the inner and outer being. The hasad a person harbors in his heart blinds him to the virtues and he becomes unhappy at the blessings conferred upon the envied. The faith of a Muslim is also vastly affected by it. Faith is necessary to keep the heart enlightened but hasad makes it grievous and depressed, thus causing the person to stray away from Allah’s path. Islam prohibits envy.


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